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Science, Literature & Research

Avant-Garde Encounters with Biology and Ecology

We are a research group exploring the interconnections of literature and science. Our interest lies in avant-garde and experimental literature of the long 20th century, which engages with scientific themes and representations. We focus on how these texts question and criticise anthropocentric approaches by pursuing ecological modes of thought. Our research project is funded by the Kone Foundation and runs until 2023.

Upcoming semiar: The revival of Bergson in the Twenty-First Century 

Date: 26 November 2021
Venue: Ateneum – The Finnish National Gallery

Henri Bergson (1859–1941) was one of the leading philosophers of his time. His conceptions of memory, the nature of time, intuition, and evolution as a creative process influenced several trends in early 20th-century philosophy. In the past decades, numerous scholars, artists, and philosophers have become interested in the French philosopher’s thinking, and reinterpretations of his legacy have rendered Bergsonism a global phenomenon. The seminar illuminates the interplay of philosophy, biology, and the arts in Bergson’s thought while examining the political implications of Bergsonism.

Keynote lecture by Prof. Mark Antliff, Duke University.
The event can be attended both on-site and online. Admission is free.